(Youn Hee Park)

“When it comes to perfect combination of textile, shape and unique pattern, YounHee Park is « the Queen of Printing ».”

YounHee Park’s collection is a perfect reflection of the designer herself, professional but fun, with strong visuals, yet balanced perfectly with delicate details, but instantly recognizable with her strong graphics and colors that are representative of Park’s bubbly personality.

GREEDILOUS is a combination of the word “Greedy” , and “Fabulous”, which means ‘A Goddess Of Beauty’.

[2019SS Concept]

Inspired by the British singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse, the collection pays homage to the 80s retro spirit with designer Youn Hee Park’s signature youthful twist.

She pairs the intricate, edgy prints of Greedilous with this rock chic ego to manifest passion rooted in an endless pursuit of pure originality - showcasing another uniquely mod Greedilous style.