K Fashion Project in Paris


The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Minister Sung Yun-mo) seeks growth engines for the future Korean fashion industry by fostering fashion designer brands. K-COLLECTION IN PARIS is part of a global brand development and foundation-building project promoted by Korean Fashion Industry Association (Chairman Han Jun Seok) to support local designer brands in order to grow their business overseas through integrated marketing platform.

The collections are proud to be certified MADE IN KOREA, dedicating to local production and supporting local economy. Produced most of the collections in Dongdaemun district, the designers have applied fabrications with the quality wherever possible. Thank you to all the factories supporting them.

BMUET(TE), J.CHUNG, WNDERKAMMER all three brands are carefully selected by TRANOI throughout the process to participate K-COLLECTION IN PARIS

BMUET(TE) – Byungmun Seo, Jina Um 2020 SS concept ‘Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose’. We are looking at a fantasy garden inspired by the painting Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by John Singer Sargent.

J.CHUNG – Jaesun Chung 2020 SS concept The muse for J.Chung 2020 Spring/Summer is a healing trip of a woman who constantly pushed herself to be perfect. She has always kept looking up at her friend’s life, put best effort to be more successful on her work, and restlessly drove her intellectual curiosity, ability and beauty. Then she simply left all her burdens behind and look herself back traveling. J.Chung presented beauty of a woman who eats healthy fresh food, exercises and enjoys nature and exotic culture.

WNDERKAMMER – Hyeyoung Shin 2020 SS concept ‘Imperfectly Perfect’: is collection fascinated by the imperfect beauty in procreation, unfinished things. Our designer, Hyeyoung Shin tried to take inspiration from the colors that come out of the dawn before sunrise, the rough surfaces of the unfinished building things, and put it into a collection.